“Hello, I love you.”

So, for this Think Kit post I have to piggy back off of my wife’s post. She wrote about how we welcomed vinyl into our life this year. I couldn’t agree more with her and she hit the nail on the head choosing this as what to write about for her “Aloha” post.

Music has always been a part of my life. I believe it’s a part of everyone’s life. I’ve played instruments, learned music theory, but nothing beats putting a record on and listening to a full album. I’ve talked with friends how vinyl encourages active listening and triggers more of an emotional response than digital music. Think about it. You first choose a record from your collection based on mood, maybe the time of year, maybe based on the day you had. Then, you carefully pull it from the sleeve and end up reading the liner notes. You drop the needle and the sound fills your room. Silence. Time for Side B. Silence. Reflection. You listened to an entire album straight through.

In this day and age there is so much noise around us. Even when listening to music. I love the social and discovery aspects with Spotify but it is hard listening to an album the whole way through. Noise engulfs me when I’m trying to listen to an album on Spotify. Thoughts such as, “oh look at what my bro is listening to – I should check that out, someone just shared a new song with me – I should check that out, it’s New Music Tuesday – I should check that out” race around my head and before you know it I’ve listened to one maybe two songs of an album before I’ve checked out. This is why I appreciate vinyl. You appreciate the music. You listen to the music. You tune out the noise.

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox
Today’s prompt: “What did you say goodbye to this year? Was it a bad habit? A ’94 hatchback? Or something less tangible? How did you feel the day after? The week after?
Or! What did you say hello to this year? Did it enrich your life…or detract? A new favorite possession? A tattoo? Did you decide that your life was missing something, or did you just fall into new-ness?”

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