Time to Run

In 2014, it was time to run. Run with a new job. Run with a marriage to the love of my life. And, literally just run.

It was March and we were emerging from the great polar vortex. My wife (at the time fiancée) looked at me and asked, “I have cabin fever…how ’bout a run?” I shivered immediately after the question. First, it was still cold out. Second, fear grabbed a hold of me. I did not want to run. I had never been a strong distance runner and junior high track scarred me (that’s a different post). So, after searching for my courage and realizing this is what my partner was interested in I realized I should give it a try.

1 mile turned in to 2 miles. 2 miles to 3. 3 to 5. 5 to 10. 10 to 13.1! I went from shivering with fear to shivering from the cold at the start line of the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. In about 7 months I went from not running to running (and finishing) a half marathon. It’s amazing what the mind and body can do together.

Running has helped me quite a bit this year. It has helped me realize the lessons of conquering fears, becoming mentally tough, and relieving stress. These lessons have helped me land a new job and marry my wife. There are a lot of unknowns and stress with a new job and I could not have made the leap without using my new found mental toughness I had acquired from running. I guess the same could be said about marriage. Though, we are still in the “honeymoon phase,” marriage is challenging and it requires patience, energy, and commitment. Running has helped me hone these mental skills preparing me for a long and healthy marriage.

Also, I have decided to run with something new. Writing. I joined Think Kit from SmallBox to challenge myself to write outside of work and use my new found mental skills in a new capacity. The first prompt from Think Kit was to “share your year in photos.” I came across this picture from my first race. A 5K trail run in April. It was after I finished this race, that I realized, it was time to run.


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